LEED Certification
Springbrook Prairie Pavilion has obtained the LEED Gold certification rating for Core and Shell from the United States Green Building Council.

The following are descriptions of the sustainable attributes at Springbrook Prairie Pavilion:
    Springbrook Prairie Pavilion - US Green Building Council Member
  • A "white roof" made of highly reflective materials minimizes the heat-island effect and thus reduces the overall urban temperature and the energy required to heat and cool the buildings.
  • Open grid permeable pavers accounting for more than 50% of the parking lot reduce stormwater runoff entering natural waterways.
  • After the first year of development, the Project's landscape will not require potable water for irrigation purposes.
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures in the public restrooms save substantial amounts of water.
  • All cooling units use R-410A, a refrigerant that does not contain ozone depleting substances.
  • The Project has made a multi-year commitment to purchase 10 million kilowatt hours of wind-generated Renewable Energy Certificates to offset 100% of the anticipated electricity demand.
  • Over 20% of the building's construction materials were manufactured locally, which directly benefited the local economy and minimized transportation pollution.
  • Three-quarters of the construction waste generated was recycled; building materials such as reinforcement steel, aluminum window frames and crushed concrete used for backfill contained more than 20% recycled material.
  • Over half of the wood used for structural framing and flooring came from sustainable forests.
  • Individually ventilated stores eliminate cross contamination of airborne irritants.
  • Carbon monoxide monitors and built-in economizers regulate the outdoor air-intake based on the number of occupants in the space.
  • All adhesives, sealants, paints and carpets in the common areas contain low levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).
  • The pest control program eliminates and deters pests without using toxic chemicals.